2021 was a year like no other. We focused heavily on providing an unmatched service to the consumers that use our real estate to the partners that invest in it, and the results speak for themselves. Through the course of another wild year, we are very proud of the Metonic team. Here are the top ten things to happen this year!

  1. Inaugural Multifamily Investment Forum

In October, Metonic hosted the inaugural Multifamily Investment Forum, the first event of its kind in the Omaha area. The forum gave attendees an introduction to multifamily real estate investing, including the process and the benefits. Other topics included the current state of the market, construction costs, and more.

  1. Metonic & APOGEE Broke Ground on Two Multifamily Developments

In 2021, we broke ground on two developments: Ravello 192 Phase II and Ascend on 75. We have four additional properties we are projected to land close on in the next six months.  Additionally, the Apogee team completed over $6M in capital expenditures at our existing properties.

  1. Metonic Acquired Six New Multifamily Developments

This year, Metonic purchased five multifamily properties in three states: Triangle Apartments, Country Meadows, The Bend at Gretna, Vita 72, South View, and Haven Apartments. These purchases total over $50M in value and resulted in an additional 500 apartment homes added to Metonic’s multifamily portfolio.

  1. Refinances Resulted in $25M in Distributions

Metonic completed refinancing on 17 of our properties in 2021. This resulted in $25M distributed back to partners, with a weighted average rate of 3.49%.

  1. Metonic One of the Top Buyers in Omaha

In 2021, Metonic was one of the top purchasers in Omaha. The acquisition of Triangle Apartments was the biggest transaction in the Omaha market this year.

  1. $37M Distributed to Partners

Metonic was proud to distribute over $37M to partners in 2021. Thank you to our partners for your continued support!

  1. Over 7,000 Residential Leases Signed & Renewed

This was a great leasing year for us at Metonic. We had over 7,000 new leases and renewals signed amongst our 65 residential properties. Our portfolio occupancy as we end the year is 96%. A huge thank you to our residents and site staff for making it an excellent year!

  1. Over 325,000 SF of Commercial Space Leased

Year to date in 2021, over 325,000 SF of Metonic’s commercial space has been leased or renewed. We have seen outstanding leasing activity throughout the Midwest with a tremendously robust leasing year. We remain in active negotiations with over 75,000 SF of space.

  1. 7 New Team Members

2021 has been our biggest year as far as team growth. This year, we added 6 employees (Heather Carver, Aidan Posey, Trey Smith, Evan Andrews, Sara Kocsis, Laura Schoeing) and 1 baby (Brant Beller) to the Metonic team.

  1. Paired with 13 Local Non-Profits

We partnered with 13 nonprofits this year through event sponsorships, volunteer events, and financial donations.

We want to thank all of our partners, residents, employees, vendors, and supporters for a great year. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!