Graph showing real estate is the preferred form of investing

Americans’ top investment picks over the next decade

Real estate is the preferred investment choice for Americans for the long term, according to a recent survey from Bankrate. The research showed that 28% of Americans prefer real estate as a way to invest money they won’t need for 10 years or more. This finding is up from 26% in 2020 when stocks were the top preferred investment method.

Stocks dropped 12% as the preferred investment choice from last year, sitting at only 16%. This was the lowest preferred rate for stocks since the 2016 survey.

The research also showed that inflation has little impact on how Americans invest. 58% of respondents said inflation would not change how they choose to invest, 20% said they would invest more aggressively, and 20% said they would invest less aggressively.

At Metonic, we believe in the power of investing in real estate, specifically multifamily. Multifamily real estate performance is based on cash flow, which is objective and steady. Multifamily is a low risk, high return, and dependable asset to invest in. Read our blog to learn more about why we recommend investing in real estate vs. the stock market.