This month’s “Meet Metonic” spotlight is Trey Simpson who, after a few years gaining valuable financial experience and insight at another company, is back as Metonic’s VP Finance. Trey is responsible for the company’s financial management strategy and corporate accounting responsibilities.

Q: When did you start at Metonic/how long have you been with the company?

A: I re-joined Metonic in December 2018, but worked previously for Metonic and its affiliate Seldin Company from 2013-2016.

Q: Why should people consider investing in real estate/with Metonic specifically?

A: Real estate investments are a great way to invest in a tangible asset, with advantageous tax treatment compared to other investment vehicles.  Metonic allows passive investment by partners who may not have the time or resources otherwise to participate in real estate investing.

Q: What is something that you’re passionate about outside of work?

A: Outside of work I spend a lot of time following Husker football and basketball and playing golf.


Dogs or cats?

  • Definitely dogs

Beach or mountains?

  • Mountains

Text message or phone call?

  • Text

Morning or evening?

  • Morning