This month’s “Meet Metonic” spotlight is Josh White, Metonic’s new VP of Business Development. Josh provides leadership to the Business Development Team at Metonic, including the fostering of investor relationships and furthering brand awareness.

Q: Tell us about your background prior to starting with Metonic. What are you most passionate about when it comes to Business Development?

A: My background has been in a few different industries including 16 years in different leadership positions in college athletics. I also spent time in a mobile app start-up and most recently I helped build a 25 person law firm here in Omaha (in under two years). I’m most passionate about building organizations which includes building great organizational cultures. I also enjoy inspiring people to join a cause or a movement when I believe it can benefit both the person and the cause/movement. Last but not least part of my passion in business development is making strategic connections between people. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at Metonic so far?

A: The people have been wonderful and willing to help at any time. I’ve also enjoyed learning the history of Metonic and what sets our company apart from any others in our area. 

Q: What is something that you’re passionate about outside of work?

A: Definitely my family. We enjoy the simple things like going out to dinner and watching our shows. But we also enjoy our travels. My son started flying at six months and he has been all over the country.  


Books or movies?

  • Both. I’m an avid reader and movie watcher 😊

Dogs or cats?

  • Dogs. We have two (Dude and Maude)

Phone call or email?

  • Can I say text?

Coffee or tea?

  • Coffee, coffee, coffee!!