This month’s “Meet Metonic (& APOGEE)” spotlight is Heather Carver, Associate General Counsel. Heather provides legal counsel and guidance to Metonic and its affiliated companies, including their executive officers and employees, regarding acquisition, disposition, development and financing transactions. Heather is an Omaha native, and earned her Bachelor of Arts from Texas Christian University where she graduated cum laude. She attended the University of Nebraska College of Law and earned her JD cum laude in 2013

Q: What was your position prior to joining Metonic?

A: I was an attorney at Cline Williams prior to joining Metonic in February of this year, with my practice focused primarily on real estate.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your role at Metonic?

A: I’m relatively new to Metonic, but in my first month or two, I’ve really enjoyed learning about Metonic’s portfolio and the approach to identifying valuable opportunities for investors. I am excited that my role at Metonic involves collaboration with individuals with a variety of skill sets, and the chance to provide guidance on legal issues with a more in-depth knowledge of the business considerations than is often possible in private practice

Q: What is something that you’re passionate about outside of work?

A: Spending time with my family! We have two boys – Henry is 5, and Charlie is 3. They’re both enrolled in Spring sports, and we’re excited to watch them learn and interact with the other kids!


Dogs or cats?

  • Definitely dogs – we have a golden retriever named Wally!

Coffee or tea?

  • Coffee.

Phone call or text message?

  • Phone call.

Books or movies?

  • Both! After a busy week at work, I love watching a movie with my boys, but I’m more likely to read a book after they are in bed than to watch TV.