This month’s “Meet Metonic (& APOGEE)” spotlight is Evan Andrews, Senior Real Estate Analyst. In his role, Evan assists with all aspects of analyzing the Metonic investment portfolio and evaluating the strategic direction of all assets. He also provides insight for the company’s financial modeling, lender reporting, systems and data management, and various other analytics. 

Q: What was your position prior to joining Metonic?

A: Before joining Metonic, I was a Financial Analyst at a real estate non-profit organization.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your role at Metonic?

A: My favorite part about my role is getting the opportunity to learn everything in the broad scope of commercial and residential real estate investments. 

Q: What is something that you’re passionate about outside of work?

A Outside of work, I enjoy making investments in my personal development, whether that be through advanced education, reading, or learning new languages. 


Dogs or cats?

  • Cats

Coffee or tea?

  • Coffee 

Phone call or text message?

  • Text messages

Books or movies?

  • Movies