This month’s “Meet Metonic (& APOGEE)” spotlight is Davis Wilson, Acquisitions Associate. Davis assists with all aspects of acquisition transactions for Metonic, including underwriting, due diligence, deal sourcing, and financial analysis.

Q: When did you start with Metonic/APOGEE and how long have you been with the company?

A: I started with Metonic in the Fall of 2017 as an intern. At the time, there wasn’t really an established internship job description so I worked broadly within the company in various departments including Legal, Asset Management, Construction and Acquisitions and Finance. Once I graduated from Creighton in the Spring of 2018, I started full-time. Since then, I’ve been working primarily within the Acquisitions & Dispositions department.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at the organization?

A: Metonic offers a lot of great opportunities and exposure to an extensive Real Estate portfolio, which naturally present unique problems and an opportunity to solve them creatively. My favorite part about the Company is that I never know what my day will entail and that I am always confronted with a new project or problem to solve. I never stop learning.

Q: What is something that you’re passionate about outside of work?

A: Before my career at Metonic, I thought I was going to graduate and focus on International Business. During that time, I traveled several times to Europe and graduated with a minor in Hispanic Studies. I’m super passionate about language and culture, especially within Spain, and all the experiences that traveling the world has to offer. I planned to visit Spain every year since I graduated but COVID has gotten in the way of that this year, unfortunately.


Dogs or cats?

  • Dogs for sure

Coffee or tea?

  • Usually coffee, but I’m currently on a tea kick. So we’ll go with tea! 

Phone call or text message?

  • Text usually. It it’s important or a good story, then a phone call.

Books or movies?

  • Books