At Metonic, we consider our partners to be those that live and work in our buildings, and those who invest with us. It is our mission to provide exceptional homes for residents, stellar spaces for businesses and retailers, and an unparalleled experience for our investors. We do this by following a list of six core values:

#1: Integrity

At Metonic, we hold the highest standards of honesty and strong moral principles. This means that whether you’re a resident/tenant or an investor, we will choose right over wrong every time, with no exceptions.

#2: Innovation

We are progressive, enlightening forward-thinkers who engage in new ideas for better solutions, opportunities, and results. We innovate in every aspect of our work. From the property level to communication with partners, we work toward improving every day to offer continued excellence as a company.

#3: Trust

We are trustworthy advisors and advocates for our partners. We utilize our expertise to develop beneficial strategies, thoughtful recommendations, and clear paths to success. Our partners depend on us for shelter, workspace, and protecting their wealth. These are essential components of individuals’ lives, and it is our job to make sure they continue to trust us.

#4: Efficiency

We are dedicated to providing information and results in a timely manner. We hold ourselves to a high standard and recognize the value of our partners’ time. Efficiency is crucial in providing our residents/tenants and investors with the best experience possible.

#5: Communication

We practice and encourage open communication with our partners to provide effective collaboration and transparency. This is a part of our commitment to excellence. We have a range of investors with varying knowledge of real estate; as a result, we are committed to an easy process for those who invest alongside us. We provide robust reporting to our investors, and work with our property management companies to ensure constant communication to tenants and residents.

#6: Expertise

Metonic is a team of innovative and results-oriented professionals. We are a group of experts from a diverse range of disciplines, fields, and industries. Our collective, widespread experience from multiple fields enables us to enhance returns to our partners and provide our tenants and residents with the best experience possible.

Relationships are our base. We work diligently to earn the trust of those that work with us and strive to provide the best possible service. Metonic is a group of passionate, trustworthy, and hands-on individuals dedicated to transparency, consistent communication and partner satisfaction.