Metonic’s Apartminium communities are designed with a luxury resident experience in mind. In order to gain insight into best practices, the Metonic team members each did their own individual research on how to accomplish an elevated experience.

Each team member received a gift card with the assignment of treating themselves to a luxury experience they wouldn’t normally attend and reporting on the service they received. The goal of this assignment was to gather insight that we will take to our Apartminium communities to ensure residents achieve the luxury experience they deserve.

Our team members visited spas, elegant restaurants, salons, and other spots to report on the ambiance, service, and luxury treatment they did or did not receive. Questions the team members considered included what a memorable part of their experience was and how the experience could be applied to our Apartminium communities.

The survey results describe positive experiences across various services and activities. Our team members were impressed with the cleanliness, organization, and attentiveness of the staff at the various businesses and services. Negative feedback included receiving high-pressure sales tactics. All of these findings will be shared with site teams at our Apartminium communities to ensure an optimal resident experience.

Below are some positive experiences from our team members:

Olivia Jeffery, visited Good Gold Permanent Jewelry Boutique: “It was an extremely easy experience and very personable. I received a text before my appointment from the owner who said to let her know when I arrived and that she would meet me at the front of the building (they were located in a salon suite). The studio was really clean and organized, and personable. The chain options were immediately available and the owner offered to let me try on whichever ones I wanted prior to choosing – and was super diligent with making sure I could use my Visa gift cards since they can be tricky. The whole experience was very enjoyable! Customer service was off the charts wonderful, along with attention to detail. I think making sure that a customer’s experience is simple and satisfactory from start to finish is the most impressive thing that any business can do.“

Kassie Inness, visited Simone Brown Esthetics:
“The facial that I received was very relaxing and I felt like I was doing something positive for my skin and well-being. My esthetician is a good friend and she is always very thorough and friendly during my service. The products are high-quality and I know that my skin will look better leaving than it did when I arrived. The studio is very clean, inviting and speaks to my ‘senses’. The owner does a great job of curating a spa-like atmosphere that is welcoming, calming and feels elevated. Between the music, aroma and soft bed, I want to stay for hours. I love the consistency of the service – while each facial is individualized, I always know the quality is going to be high. This can absolutely be applied to the consistent, elevated and high-touch experience a resident receives at an Apartminium community.  From the moment they walk in the door to the day they move-out, they should always feel welcome, calm and at-home.”

Kayla Beller visited Oasis Massage and Spa:
“The feeling of relaxation and calmness, I could be left alone but knew there was always someone right there if I needed something, wanted a change, or had a question.  It was so nice to just be checked out of the world and have someone take care of me for a change. I think an elevated experience whether a spa or nice restaurant is giving people space but being there and anticipating their needs before they have to ask with knowledgeable responses.  Being kind and welcoming without being pushy.  Altering the experience to each individual based on their feedback, how things are going for them, and what they are and are not interested.  It is knowing what they need before they know they need it.  Going above and beyond from every person they come in contact with.”

Aidan Posey visited The Committee Chophouse:
“They were very attentive and noticed the details. They figured out it was my birthday and put a candle in the dessert! For customer service, it will be taking that one extra step to go above and beyond any other service providers. Between recognizing birthdays, anniversaries, and other life events, a solid customer service experience will be sure to set us apart!”

Josh White visited Eddie V’s in Kansas City:

“The care the staff took from the moment we walked in the door to when we were served dinner. When an investor meets us on the phone or in person, or a tenant steps foot onto our property, we show them that we care and will go out of our way to make them feel special.”



Laura Schoening visited Sakoon The Spa:
“From the moment of walking into the establishment, each employee was very attentive to not only my needs but fellow customers. Additionally, after my services were finalized, I received a gift before leaving the establishment – a sweet treat to boost my energy. Experience is where it’s at! Giving the client the feeling of priority above all else, while simultaneously engaging in a friendly and informative manner is key towards helping or raving fans embrace the Apartminium.”

Heather Carver visited Village Nail Spa:

“I got a more “luxurious” pedicure than what I would normally get. It came with lots of “extras” that made it memorable – the hot stone massage, exfoliating scrub and soak, and so on. I think both the extras (which made you feel like you’re getting what you’re paying for) and the customer service (little things like being offered a drink) were what made this a positive experience. I think this applies to both our product and the customer service we provide. I think we do a great job of considering what amenities our tenants will find “luxurious” to justify the rents we charge at our Apartminiums and to set the Apartminiums apart from other properties. I also think it applies to customer service. When dealing with investors or potential investors, I think going above and beyond expectations with respect to whatever matter we’re working on will leave a positive impression.”

Casey Smith got her house professionally cleaned:
”Coming home knowing I didn’t have to clean and I could just relax! I think it applies to amenities and having those services available for residents so that they don’t have to worry about it – like not having to set up the electricity or having to pay it. Really any concierge type of service!”

We are very excited about the insights our staff gained on their elevated experiences and eager to take them to our Apartminium communities! To learn more about our Apartminiums, visit For more information about investing with Metonic, visit or email