Get to know Jasin Alfaro, CEO of Metonic. Jasin joined the team in April 2024, bringing a wealth of real estate experience with over 26 years in managing investments and development strategies totaling over $4 billion across various product types.

Q: Briefly describe your roles/experience prior to Metonic.
A: I have spent my entire career in private equity real estate as an investor and on the sponsor side. Most of my journey has seen exponential platform growth during my various tenures. Previously, I led the creation of a real estate platform for a Chicago-based family office. Prior to that, I was COO at AJ Capital Partners. We led some iconic real estate initiatives at AJ with the redevelopment of the Chicago Athletic Association hotel, and the inception and initial investments of the Graduate Hotel platform, which was most recently acquired by Hilton.  Previous to AJ, I worked for an opportunistic fund manager that raised over $3B of new equity during my employment, and that really changed the trajectory of my career and fundamental understanding of real estate. I have learned that, regardless of the property type, most real estate fundamentals are constant and can be applied throughout.

Q: What are you most excited about after your first month of joining Metonic?
A: It’s always scary entering an existing culture, but Metonic’s people have been nothing short of fantastic. The dedication and pursuit of improvement and excellence is palpable every day. It really makes it fun to work each day.

Q: What is something you’re passionate about outside of work?
A: My family spends a lot of the summer boating, and my younger kids and I are out on our pier fishing most mornings. Well, I bait the hooks, cast the lines, hook the fish, and my kids reel them in, and that’s what they call fishing (I take the fish off the hook, too). It’s just those small moments that we try to remember as they get older.

This or that:

Cats or dogs?
My dog, Pancho, is probably the best dog I’ll ever have.

Coffee or tea?
Black coffee, stronger the better.

Phone call or text message?
Emails are best, text messages are lost in my personal ether, and phone calls are for emergencies.

Beach or mountains?