Our first “Meet Metonic” team spotlight is none other than our very own CEO, Bob Dean. Bob has been with the company since inception, previously serving as Seldin Company’s CEO. A real estate visionary and force of nature, Bob oversees the strategic direction of the company and inspires the team daily to embrace collaboration, innovation and creativity to achieve success for our residents, managers and stakeholders.

Q: What is your overall leadership philosophy?

A: My leadership philosophy would be results oriented, to lead by example and to emphasize open communication internally and externally.

Q: Why do investors ultimately invest with us? What problem are we solving?

A: We provide a platform for investors to invest in real estate on a property-by-property basis; allows investors to allocate investment dollars into a real estate class that might be hard to attain on their own.

Someone otherwise could invest in a fund but here they can invest into a specific property; provides a diff level of return than if they were in a traditional RE investment structure

Q: What is something you’re passionate about outside the office?

A: Education and the Green Bay Packers


Coffee or tea?

  • Generally coffee but I’ve started this tea thing. I’ve recently been gaining an appreciation for tea.

Dogs or cats?

  • I’ve got a cat named Jax that I love but I also like dogs.

Text message or phone call?

  • Text

Book or movie?

  • Movie. Specifically Notting Hill and A Time to Kill.