This month’s “Meet Metonic (& APOGEE)” spotlight is Keith Silligman, Accounting Manager. Keith provides oversight of the company’s financial records and reporting, as well as support for the company’s banking, audit, tax and insurance functions. 

Q: When did you start with Metonic/APOGEE and how long have you been with the company?

A: I started with Metonic in June 2019 as the Accounting Manager after spending 5 years with our sister company, Seldin Company.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at the organization?

A: I really enjoy the team we have at Metonic/Apogee. We get to utilize our strengths and knowledge in many different parts of the organization, not just our specific roles.

Q: What is something that you’re passionate about outside of work?

A: Now that both of our kids are out of the house for the most part, it is taking any opportunity to visit them and figuring out what we want to do next as “empty-nesters”. My son attends Iowa State University and my daughter is a teacher in Missouri, so a lot more miles on the car! Of course, mixed into that is always taking the opportunity to watch a Duke basketball game.


Dogs or cats?

  • Definitely dogs! Our Border Collie is my third child.

Coffee or tea?

  • Tea. It can be hot or cold.

Phone call or text message?

  • Phone call. I would much rather talk and interact with someone. I’m not the normal Accountant when it comes to that.

Books or movies?

  • Movies. It’s fun to go with others or even by myself at times.